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Thanks for linking to that. I’m a bit sad to be giving up the B&O ecosystem with the switch to the Node, but honestly, Bluesound’s app is much, much better. The sheer number of supported music services is vast, and I might end up making the switch from Deezer to Tidal. My car has Tidal built in, but not Deezer, so that’s a nice perk.

Also, Bluesound makes it really, really easy to add a sub, unlike B&O. They really want you buying their TVs, and I will never do that. Their TVs are the absolute worst value of anything they make. I have a 77″ Sony OLED and I don’t want to sacrifice quality with the switch to LG (I know the panels are the same, but Sony still improves the image) and pay 80% more in the process. I’m sure the center channel performance in the Harmony is amazing, but it’s not $15K amazing. Phantom center with the Node and my 17s sounds great.

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