Reply To: How can I operate a Beogram 8002 with a Beoremote One

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With a BeoMaster with built in pre-amp (some BeoMaster 4500s have that), you could skip a box (I am not sure if more recent BeoSounds that have a MasterLink connection can control BeoGrams through their AUX sockets). It will also require some persistence to program the BLC. But unless I oversee something I believe it could work.

As far as I know only the Ouverture (Beosound 4000) has both datalink and masterlink. But of course the Ouverture has no RIAA amplifier (which the 8002 needs).  If using a separate RIAA amp you would need to be sure that the datalink signal is passed to the correct datalink pin, as explained in this thread (see post by joeyboygolf):