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On the old site, I began a fairly extensive thread detailing my experience swapping my Core for a Bluesound Node 2i in a BL17 setup. Unfortunately, it is not showing in my Google searches but it was called “A Day With a Bluesound Node 2i”. If you have better search capabilities than I, it may be worth a read.

I was interested in determining if I could hear a difference between CD-quality and higher-rez music and bottom line, I could not tell a difference. I ended up returning the Node 2i to retain the Multiroom functionality of the Core, among a few other minor details that just made it more pleasant for me to stay within the B&O ecosystem. But if one day I buy non-B&O equipment, I would get an NAD M10 or M33 and stay within the Bluesound world without a second guess. It was a fantastic user experience, IMHO.

As for adding a sub, sadly, B&O never made this easy outside a BeoVision TV. There is no way to manage the subwoofer crossover frequency in a 2.1 system, say, consisting of BL17 and BL19 if you’re using a fully wired setup. You’d have to use a third-party product of some type to do this. (I believe the Node 2/2i has a subwoofer out and bass management in the software, BTW.)

Alternatively, if you get a B&O Transmitter 1, you CAN have bass management capabilities. The T1 will crossover automatically at 120Hz. This is not adjustable. But of course, it requires using WISA and not cables.

Hope this helps! I love my BL17 but I use mine in a 12×12′ bedroom currently, so the bass is superb. In a larger room like yours, I’d probably just try to find more full-range speakers rather than deal with using non-B&O equipment if I didn’t have a BV TV or using a Transmitter 1 and WISA.