Reply To: Back to old things: Beovox P50…

    • Paris France

    Hi alls,

    I’m excited and a little bit proud to announce the first panel is playing music!
    It was a battle to reunite the two ends of the broken wire in the coil but I worked.

    To answer my own first question, this speaker is amazing and the bass are round and deep even thought I didn’t push it too far. Maybe not as clear as S45’s but very close and to be confirmed when (if) the second speaker will be repaired.

    Drivers 3 and 4 are open on the table and waiting for their glue.

    Also thinking to a way to fix the frets, maybe with neodyne magnets?

    As it was a stressful first attempt, I didn’t take pictures but will when fixing the other speakers.

    Again, thanks to Beoworld for all the useful informations it has provide.