Reply To: Custom Beogram SP10 Sp12 Sp 14 stylus


    There are other ways that I could have made this but it would have lost the aesthetic that makes Beogram so desirable. So i spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make this possible. Making one is a lengthy process but is a huge money saver n the long run.  I don’t really want to go too in-depth as to how I did it as I would like to eventually make these and sell them and the last thing I want is poor quality imitations to be around that would unintentionally diminish my version and make people weary of purchasing. Having said that, in order to build one I need three things. A Sp shel, cartridge and a Ortofon cartridge with stylus from the OM series. It can be any from the series.  Once I have all those pieces I then disassemble all of them and rebuild them together creating a singular stylus and cartridge that is reusable and will last the lifetime of a Ortofon cartridge. As you can see it fits into the Beogram exactly the same as a original cartridge. It looks exactly the same except housed within the body is a modified Ortofon om and obviously the tip looks like a Ortofon. The cartridge  is sealed in the shell, So you can’t slide out the cartridge. Essentially it’s all one piece, however the tip has the stylus on it is removable and replaceable with any from the om range. So if you want spherical you can have that but if you change your mind, you have only jump online and buy a elliptical or whatever you like. My main focus was playing  my records and not limiting my hours out of fear my stylus would die. I love my sp12. I have a 10,12, and 14 and would much rather save those, however I can safely say the omega Ortofon that I put in (which is kind of a entry level elliptical) sounds so amazing that I may never put the sp12 in again. That, I did not expect at all.