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    The two last days where tense. After glueing and testing the first woofer it did work well.

    Full on confidence and arrogance I went to the other one and I was punished for my pride.
    The coil wire broke, and it was a nightmare to manage to relink it. The tool for centering the magnet broke too and I had to take some distance before coming back (24h) and start it all over again.

    Fortunately, the second woofer is drying right now, the contact show continuity and read close to 7 ohms of impedance. It will be mount tomorrow in the evening I hope and I hopefully will be able to listen to one speaker.

    Regarding the previous question about the fret, I’ve found pictures on the net that confirm the the fabric is original. I don’t know what to do with it right now because as original I want to keep those speakers, I can’t see a way of attaching the frets without them vibrating. I’ll see when I’ll be there.

    A new question arises: the Phase Link driver, it looks like stuck too, no movement at all. I wonder if it’s by design (I hope so because on my S45, it’s not moving too). And also, why is that thing sticky?


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