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    @Pilatomic: thnx!

    In the meantime I ordered the Taco TMR 4-4811WI, and I have been able to make a test setup with all connected. This is what happens.

    When I turn the system on:

    • C5 +/- measure 35v, so that’s fine.
    • The Taco output measures +/- 5v, so also fine.

    Which means, when I plug in power on the BeoLab 6000, my wireless module gets 5v, and starts booting. Streaming music also works fine after the booting.


    When I stop streaming music, the BeoLab switches back to stand-by (Green LED becomes Red).

    But at that moment, the voltage coming from C5, drops from 35v to 30v. This causes the wireless module to reboot, which causes the auto stand-by switch back on (Red LED becomes Green).

    Which means, this situation creates a loop. Every time music is stopped, the BeoLab returns to stand-by, which causes voltage drop and the wireless module to reboot, …. and so on.


    Maybe C5 is not the right point to take the voltage from.

    • Is there any other point where the DC voltage is always available (also in stand-by mode (Red LED), and in a constant voltage?
    • Where?


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