Reply To: Acquired a second life Eclipse 55″ and need advise


    I have now finished my “Eclipse -55 1st Gen” project.

    Firmware is now up to date. Missing panels from the back of the TV and Soundcenter has been purchased from B&O. Speaker cover received from a B&O friend.

    Since the set is a prototype it has only quite crude aluminium (not anodised) back of the Soundcenter. It was very expensive to buy replacements so I don’t think its worth it, especially considering how the TV is placed.

    A desk stand has been manufactured at a local mechanics shop based on my drawings, using the bracket that was attached to the TV:


    After that I did some polishing and painting and attached the “counter weights” with superglue:

    IMG_1036  IMG_1035

    TV installed:



    Will add a cable sock when we have settled on the connections 🙂