Reply To: B&O Loudspeaker Switch IR Eye pinout help requested


    Thanks!  I found the +5v (and 12v) coming out of the “Loudspeaker Switch’ IR din”. Now i will trace the wiring to see if i can determine which pin should be “Data”

    I attached the MCL IR EYEto the +5v and GND and the lights of the IR EYE did turn on, the Loudspeaker switch clicked a lot, and i was able to light up the “receiving” light on the MCL IR EYE when pressing buttons on a beolink 1000 remote.

    Unfortionally the loudspeaker switch doesn’t do anything anymore. I’m not sure if it’s stuck on a channel until i press the right button, but i can’t… Dont know which one is the data cable or perhaps i accidentally shorted something, i don’t know and this is how far my expertise goes with this kind of equipment.


    So it’s on eBay now, and until then, it’s a nice display piece in my room 🙂


    Tested the voltage with an multimeter, didn’t think of that before:





    And no worries about not being on topic, i think you are and probably help someone who looks here 🙂