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    note: you’re discussing a beta version of the app. Mishaps happens, so report them. Then it can be resolved in next (beta) versions. note: I did find the new font “refreshing” though. Further on I noticed today, because of MM post, a same, but lesser, effect on the latest official release (but than on the grey letters). @MM, one of your devices seems the be in for a sw update

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    Yes, and so the title says….I just wanted to revive this subject/thread.

    Of course I have reported this – I wanted to create awareness of this amongst the forum members.

    I don’t mind the new font, if they are in for a change, so be it 🤓

    However, I did not really see a need for it.

    What bothers me is that the change here has caused bad text layout (at least on my iPad).

    And no, all my devices are uptodate (of course) – it probably is because I did not configure Deezer, since I don’t use it.