Reply To: B&O Loudspeaker Switch IR Eye pinout help requested

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    Thank you Guy, after a little search the Beolink MCL82 type 2041 works with the BS5000 and BC7700. The search also returned a little extract from the Beoworld product page that says: “It was superseded by the later MCL2 system which used Beolink 1000 codes.”

    So I’ll assume it may potentially not work with moderne remotes. When I had a full 5000 system, I used little cheap IR repeater to help the return of the IR signal to the remote. It did work when the same repeater don’t with modern Beo remotes (1000/4/6/5000). So the theory is it wont work.

    To the OP, apologies for this little out of topic, I felt like it didn’t deserved a full thread on it’s own. It’s now ended.

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