Reply To: B&O Loudspeaker Switch IR Eye pinout help requested

    • Warwickshire, UK

    Can someone tell me to which pins i should connect the wires from the MCL IR? i suppose it’ll be the Green: 5v, Brown: ground? and White: Data. But correct me if i’m wrong!

    I made some notes when I used an MCL sensor as a Beoport IR sensor. The three connections that you require are:

    Ground – Brown
    IR Data – Yellow
    +5v – Green

    White is indeed a data connection but is used for relaying the other functions within the MCL sensor, particularly from pressing the buttons (eg Mute and Timer).

    Hopefully you can work out the correct 5 pin DIN pins from having a look at the internal wiring of the loudspeaker switch.

    IMPORTANT EDIT:  I have just realised that I actually used a VX sensor (similar to MCL but without Mute and Timer buttons) when I was experimenting.  The VX sensor only has three wires, hence IR data had to be Yellow by process of elimination!  I think that in your MCL sensor then ‘White’ may well be the data connection that you need.  Sorry for the confusion!

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