Reply To: Beosound core – Beolab 18 connection


Hi jamesj,

Please don’t worry, these are very sensible questions!

  1. Never use “audiophile” Ethernet cables for Beolab speakers, as this is not an Ethernet connection (even though the plugs are the same).  Beolab speakers require fully shielded cable, which rules out Ethernet (even high-end cables).  I can help with shielded RJ45 Powerlink cables if required, but there is no audible improvement to be made here if everything is working well at the moment.
  2. Yes, the Core gives out a volume controlled optical signal, so this can be used to connect directly to the Beolab 18 speakers.  Some users do report improvements from using the optical connection, but opinions vary.  Well worth a try…
  3. Yes, Transmitter 1 is a good option if you need a wireless link to the speakers, whilst the sound quality won’t suffer, it won’t improve the sound.  If cables are OK for your room, then leave the cables in place.
  4. There are various digital sources that can be linked to the optical input of the Core for Deezer, without losing multi-room capabilities.  One cheap and simple option is Bluesound Node 2i, but there are plenty of other products that can be used instead.

I can help with cables for any of these options via my sponsor link below!

Kind regards, Steve.