Reply To: Beo products for hotels

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    To me, it looks like a specific system based on modified B&O hardware.

    Usual sockets are DIN for Powerlink and a large connector that looks like a wide Ethernet plug for Masterlink. The IR eye plug is the original.

    Googling a little bit shows that Otrun is a brand that makes TV system for hotels. To what extend they can be integrated in a classic B&O network and for what, I don’t know.

    Members who have the original boxes may help you to compare them with your hardware and maybe, luckily, it would just be a matter of plugs.

    In all cases you have a handfull of IR eyes which is very valuable: the boxes, even original B&O are cheap, but the IR eyes are quite rare and often more expensive.

    Good luck with all this and you nice project!