Reply To: BM3500 connected to Beolink Converter & MCL2A?

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    Thanks for your reply. That’s good to know I could run the two technologies together. On the whole it would just be me playing my records from the living room in my office during the day. Nobody else is at home during this time so independent volume control wouldn’t be an issue.

    I’m curious though, if I activated the Beogram in the lounge from my office via MCL2A would that trigger the Beolink Converter to fire up my Beovision and consequently the speakers in my living room? That would be annoying and was the main reason for my concerns about having MCL2A and an Audio Auxilary Link system connected to the same Beomaster.

    For independent volume control, you may wish to consider extending the ML part of your system into the office, and add a Beolink Passive instead.

    This sounds very sensible but I wouldn’t know where to start with the set-up: Audio Auxilary Link to Beolink Converter to Masterlink to Beovision – I would have to split the ML cable and branch off to the office – would that confuse everything even more???
    The MCL2A option does seem simpler if my concerns above are unwarranted.