Reply To: B&O Beosound Century Remote Control Troubleshooting

    • Paris France

    Hi alls,

    Got the same problem here. The Century is a wreck beyond repair (CD, tape, door, one channel dead… And no IR) For the love of the game I’d like to play with this IR problem!

    Its a mixed MK: silver clamper but no headphone socket, Type 2656.

    Have tried the activation sequence with no result, I would have said “broken IR board”.
    Checked the only big capacitor (purple, in the picture), it’s OK. The other two little are like SMD, with no pins, so I won’t mess with them.

    A guy is selling (way too expensive) an ir board but the thing is it’s not the same than mine.





    Absolutely nothing in common. And that makes me wonder if the fix that consist in replacing caps does apply to my board and people really replace those two tiny little capacitors.