Reply To: Acquired a second life Eclipse 55″ and need advise


    I am responding here since it seems that the personal message facility has a bug since the sent/received messages show empty. The corrected measurements for the STB Brackets table stand are on this picture. Screenshot I was not able to measure the height of the support of the bracket as it is hidden inside the Sound Center (more exactly behind the covers) when it is mounted. The bottom of the Sound Center and the top of the base are separated by a gap of about 0,5 mm. So they are not touching together, allowing a manual rotation of the TV to access the back panels. Regards, Jean

    Thanks Jean,

    I got that in your original message. I have now talked with a local mechanics shop and discussed drawings. They will be do something that hopefully will work.

    I have now picked up the loose back panels that where all missing I have ordered from B&O, so the back of the TV look really tidy. There where also missing a number of rubber bushings on the soundcenter where the speaker front attach.

    Will post picture when all is complete.

    The aluminium back panels on the sound centre are not anodised, and buying those as spares was too expensive and would be a hazel to change so I skip that. The way the TV will be placed they will not be so visible anyway.