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    Progress update…

    Kitchen BeoVision Avant 85 is working perfectly fine with Beolab 1 and 2 BeoAmp2 powering 4 ceiling speakers.

    I have also integrated the BS Core under product integration where I selected the Core is in the same room as the Avant and has no speakers attached to it. This automatically sets the core up to use the Avant’s speakers.

    Enabling Multi-room Airplay on the Core was a piss take to find. Use the B&O app and click Configure after selecting the Core. The Core’s configuration web page appears where you can tweak many more settings. It’s under Settings then Beolink then Sound Synchronisation.

    Android and iOS devices can stream music from their native music apps or Spotify to the Core. This automatically powers the Avant from standby and blasts all speakers. This is amazing and all from 1 press of a button from your smart device.

    I am now in the process of doing similar setups in the Lounge and the Christmas Room where I’m incorporating BeoAmp2 for ceiling speakers, BS Cores for Airplay and Beolabs attached to the Avants.

    I also have 2 NL/ML converters which are configured as Videomasters for 2 separate Masterlinks. 1 Masterlink will have the BS9000 as Audiomaster alongside the BS5. The other Masterlink will have the BS3000 as Audiomaster.

    We Still Going 👍🏻💯