Reply To: Beo4 wont connect to Beosound 9000

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    We might need a few more answers fisrt.

    1. Does the system work using the onboard controls? (most important detail)
    2. Initially the only button it will react to on the remote, is when you press CD to turn it on.
    3. Have you tried looking through a phone camera to see if the remote is sending out IR. Press CD on the remote and you should see the two IR emmitters on the remote glow/flash (I’m told that if using an iPhone look through the selfie cam).
    4. What speakers do you have connected? I assume they are not B&O Beolab Speakers. You only need the Dummy Plug if NOT using Beolab Speakers. There are two powerlink sockets (as marked). The third socket you see is an AUX input.
    5. BS 9000 sockets
    6. If you have non B&O speakers connected, how is that being achieved with your speakers? The BS9000 cannot power non B&O speakers so do you have a separate Amp connected?
    7. Option Programming may be what the issue is. You need the system in standby when you set the options. I believe that it should be set as A-OPT 1 if you are using the dummy plug.
    8. You are correct that people have had issues with the IR eye failing. Ther are a few posts on the Archive Forum 2012-2022 if you do a search there.

    Hopefully your answers will assist us to help you. Good luck