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I set ATV to Dolby Vision/60.

played a video on the YouTube app that was supposed to be DV 60.

This is what the stats liked like:

Does is makes sense?

Thanks again for checking.

And yes – it does make sense.

I don’t think that it was displayed in DV or HDR. If you look at the Codecs line it should have been 9.2.

I played a DV-video in the webos youtube app and the panel on the TV shifted to HDR-mode.

Maybe it will work if you force the ATV to HDR/60.

For youtube videos I will be using the webos app in the tv in the future since it can display HDR/60 videos.

The problem is with apps like Disney+ and ATV+ since they are not available on Eclipse 1st gen. They are available on the normal LG C7. I have been in contact with B&O about the missing apps. They are aware, but suggest to buy an ATV and use the apps there ..

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