Reply To: BeoLab 3500: how to fix ML input selection?

    • The Netherlands

    Well I can only say that I have made a custom cable (mini-jack > DIN), that connects to the right pins of the MasterLink connection on the BeoLab 3500.

    Since what I connect, is not a B&O device, the MasterLink will not automatically ‘sense’ that an audio source wants to play via this connection.
    So to activate the MasterLink as an audio input, I use the BeoLink remote to switch to the ML-input, by pressing this sequence: “Menu > Menu > 0 > 3 > Go”

    The BeoLab than goes to the MasterLink input and my music plays. So everything does work, but I find the sequence one has to handle on the BeoLink, nut very user friendly. That’s why I am looking for an easier way to get the BeoLab 3500 to be activated on the ML input much easier.

    1. Preferably because it goes to the ML input when switched on.
    2. Or by pressing button to activate a kind of macro for the earlier mentioned sequence.

    Any ideas, suggestions welcome again!  🙂