Reply To: Worst Value for Money B&O Product?


    My vote goes to the BeoSound Edge.  I’ve never thought it sounded great, it’s impractical, cumbersome, easily damaged, and extremely expensive for what it is.

    Sadly Lee, I’d have to agree with this. Luckily my Edge was good value at £1450 (a few years ago), but I almost never use it. The sound is just, odd. BeoSound 2 runs circles around it, as does my Balance.

    In theory, the Edge should be as good as the A9 or close. It’s no comparison.

    I’d nudge the Halo towards ‘worst value’ as for me it does almost nothing of any worth. It’s one of those strange objects we think impresses our friends, when really you have to get off your backside, walk over to it, then pick something on it’s fiddly UI, move a manual wheel….only to find the battery has died, again. I now have mine permanently connected to a USB cable.

    And all this for £700. Sometimes I think I’m a mug to buy these objects. It would have been awesome in 1992. But I do think some B&O users still live in 1992.

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