Reply To: Iconic Pre-2012 that you’d never sell?

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    Good thread idea. Most of my Bo (as my family call it) is old 80s and 90s hifi. I love it. My Beosystem 3500 is so understated, but in the evening when it’s illuminated (especially while playing a tape) it gives me a real warm glow to sit and look at it.
    My Dad bought a set when B&O were offering the 3500 BM, BC and BGCD with a Beolink 1000 and a pair of (oh dear) Beovox 3500 when I was about 12 or 13. I resented it to begin with because a) I was of the age where I knew everything and b) I was into 3 head tape decks with bias adjustment and stereo peak hold/vu meters. The simplicity of the Beosystem didn’t sit well with my understanding of what hifi was.
    However, I soon grew to love it. It was also because my Dad had to take a deep breath and let me go hands on – up until then we had a Beogram 1500 which I knackered the stylus on when I was little…from then on I wasn’t allowed near that record deck.

    I love my Beosystem 2500 too. It’s stunning still! When I saw the opening to No Time To Die sure enough the Overture shows up and a grin dashes across my face!

    I’ve had and sold a Beosystem 5500, 5000 and 6500. I regret selling the 6500 the most. It was so elegant – and my first Beosystem with Powerlink. I bought that system with a pair of Beolab Penta mk2 speakers. I think I love them as much as my family!

    That generation of B&O was stunning. So elegant, magestic and exciting. And, I’ve said this to many people over the years, but the hifi from B&O built at this time all has the same familiar smell from the rear grills. I could sniff out an 80s or 90s B&O stereo blindfold!