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    Hi Julian, You could almost certainly have the PUC table in the BV6 updated. I think (but am not totally sure) that the PUC update process will be similar to the BV7, but it is worth warning off your dealer in case he needs to bring additional cables (or software) when he visits.

    ^Ok cool, this is positive. I’ll alert the dealer to this before the booking is made.
    I am assuming I can ask for ‘the most recent list of PUC codes’ as long as I check the specific codes I need are included? (I’ve never had a B&O home visit before.)

    Does the YouView box have a SCART output? If so, that is probably fine for a 26 inch screen. However, if your BV6 has a DVI socket it may be better to use an hdmi to DVI interface in order to get a digital picture.

    The Youview box does have a scart output and I think I’ll have to stick with that, both for the reason you highlighted above regarding PUC use but also because my humble BV6 is an old one. It’s a type 9202 running SW2.3.
    When I connect a Firestick via a Prozor HDMI 3-in-1-out with audio extractor and HDMI/DVI adapter it pops up a thin blue strip across the screen stating that no DVI input can be found or that the device is incompatible.

    Now what is interesting here is that although there are many posts to the contrary, when I first connected my BV7-40mk5 to this little BV6 with a masterlink cable I was able to see and hear picture and sound from the inbuilt terrestrial tuner, the bluray player (yes) and the firestick (connected by HDMI to the BV7).
    The picture was not high definition, of course, but the image and accompanying sound was there.
    Now if only a 25m long masterlink cable wasn’t so expensive I would be tempted to set up a link system from the living room to the kitchen.

    I did find an option within the BV7’s settings which provides the option to turn HDCP off for use with projectors, but at the time of testing this the feature was not activated. I wondered if this may have been the enabler which allowed various digital pictures to be shared with the little BV6 screen.

    Thank you once again for your insight – I read through the post recommended in your reply but as a non-Apple TV user I’m limited to what I can connect. PUC seems the way to go.