Reply To: Beovision 7 & Apple TV

    • Warwickshire, UK

    As MM said, I too would go for PUC remote using Beo4 wherever possible.

    My BV 7 is ten year old, even this features a Apple remote in the puc menu, I think it would be little bit outdated (or no problem at all?)

    My BV10-32 uses a 10 year old Apple TV PUC. It works fine for most functions, except that I can’t get it to automatically turn the ATV on. I have to press EXIT to turn the ATV on – simple enough. My Apple TV is the older, non-4k ATV4 HD version.

    Two other points:

    – Don’t forget that even if the Apple TV is not listed in your PUC list, you can teach the ATV to use other IR (non-B&O) commands. So you could select (for example) a Humax STB in your PUC list and teach the ATV to respond.

    – The orginal (non-white circle) siri remote would control B&O TV volume, so maybe worth a try if you like the siri remote. If so, have a look here: