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    I’d definitely go for the PUC-controlling.

    If you have an older Apple PUC entry in the tv, why not try that!

    All you need is the ir cable and – of course – to configure the setup.

    I am sure the basic functions will work.

    Personally I use the latest entry and am totally happy with that – I have never used an original Apple remote (they always stayed unpacked in the box).

    However, on a BV7 you will need a B&O technician to upload that into the tv.

    You can also use the (Apple) remote app on an iDevice – quite handy, when you have to have to search via writing….the iDevice will even promt you to use that (if both devices are in the same home network).


    I have no experience with the Logitech remote – from what I read, it is much too complicated….and why use that when you can use the Beo4. Furthermore, as far as I know the Logitech remotes are now EOL.


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