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    Would you (or anyone else reading this) think it possible to have my (old) Beovision 6 refreshed with new PUC codes also? This is in my kitchen, it’s a lovely wall mounted unit but of course has to be scart based due to HDCP limitations. But it would be nice if I could hide the Youview box behind that and control it via PUC.

    Hi Julian,

    You could almost certainly have the PUC table in the BV6 updated. I think (but am not totally sure) that the PUC update process will be similar to the BV7, but it is worth warning off your dealer in case he needs to bring additional cables (or software) when he visits.

    Does the YouView box have a SCART output? If so, that is probably fine for a 26 inch screen. However, if your BV6 has a DVI socket it may be better to use an hdmi to DVI interface in order to get a digital picture. As DVI carries only picture and not sound, you would also need an audio extractor, and you can read all about such setups in my thread here (it also mentions workarounds for the hdcp problem):

    One disadvantage of using BV6’s DVI input is that in the older TVs you cannot then use PUC to control the STB connected to the DVI input. However, this is possible with the newer BV6s and BC6s. If you want to go this route check your BV6’s model number and I will look at what is possible.

    One other aside: A set top box like the Apple TV is able to ‘learn’ the IR codes from other remotes. Thus if either of your TVs has any other boxes listed in the PUC table then you may be able to teach the Apple TV to use these codes, rather than getting the PUC table updated. There’s a bit of a knack to it and you may have to experiment with different PUC choices. I posted about this in an old thread somewhere and will try to find it!

    EDIT: Here’s the thread that talks about teaching the Apple TV new IR commands:

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