Reply To: DVB-HD T/C mk1 – latest version

    • Warwickshire, UK

    A final curiosity – I was wondering if the fact that my DVB module is a mark1 variant might hinder its ability to capture Freeview HD. I read in another post from Beoworld that FreesatHD was once the preferred tuner module.

    That does indeed sound like the problem, and I just had some input from Keith that supports that theory. B&O were caught out with a last-minute change to the UK Freeview HD spec (requiring the T2 version), as explained in this thread (albeit for BV10):

    (I do find it strange that your DVB-HD module accepts the same SW updates ( as my T2 version, however, which probably led to my confusion!)

    If you still want Freeview HD, then I would suggest that adding one of the Humax Freeview HD tuners would be a far more cost effective solution than trying to fit a newer DVB-HD module. If you do decide to go this route, make sure that the B&O engineer installs the STB PUC code for whatever Humax box you purchase. In my experience the user interface (even with STB/PUC) will be far better than the B&O DVB module! I am a big fan of the Humax boxes, having used both Freesat and Freeview versions for years with my previous BV6s.