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    @Evan Your ‘cubical’ at work looks utterly baffling! A full-on hifi in an office cubical? How can that even be?!?! (Looks for big smiling emoji) A most stunning office set-up all the same, bravo!

    Hey Pepps – Thanks! I’m very lucky to work in a place that encourages such things. Not visible in the photos is the 8″ subwoofer hiding under the desk haha! If you ever wondered what a desk looks like at a major audio hardware ODM, this should answer it! My colleagues and I work for Tymphany and there are some mega audio hardware engineers (myself included) that are hard at work here. There are a few of us with complete audio systems at our desks. The main function of the mixer is to share tunes between my nearest colleagues (to and from) depending on who wants to DJ on a given day.

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