Reply To: DVB-HD T/C mk1 – latest version

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    • Kent, UK

    Thanks Guy,

    I’m familiar with the menu you mention, and the analogue TV tuner is indeed switched off. DVB is the only tuner activated (I have the Firestick programmed to the TV button on the Beo4) and is accessed via the DTV button on the Beo4.

    Hopefully the engineer will have all the answers. The dealer (Tunbridge Wells, Kent) was wondering if a previous owner had changed the module at some point but not been able to flash the BV with the correct software.
    I hope all will be revealed.

    A final curiosity – I was wondering if the fact that my DVB module is a mark1 variant might hinder its ability to capture Freeview HD. I read in another post from Beoworld that FreesatHD was once the preferred tuner module.