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I have the aerial connected to the ‘middle’ socket.

I just had a quick look at the manual and I think that’s the correct one, so your problem must be elsewhere. Do you have another TV that you could connect temporarily to check the rest of the antenna path? Also, do you have the manual so that you can check that you are using the correct tuning method for the digital (rather than analogue) tuner? They are different menus.

I have another tv in the house which is non-B&O and that tunes to and receives HD chanels without issue. My Huawei Youview box also tunes perfectly without issue.

The service menu for the TV Tuner is as follows:

Tuner system B/G on
L on
M off
D/K on
I on

AFC on
Low tun range 45
High tun range 864
Lower band limit 158
Upper band limit 443
VHF-1 constant 1
VHF-2 constant 2
UHF constant 4
Tuner takeover 14
Japan C39-C63 Off
CN sound Off
KR sound Off
Modulator system I
GR ref 4
GR iterat inte 0
GR iterat inte 7

So I’ve no idea what’s what in here, other than the ranges and limits might be preventing HD channels from being picked up?