Reply To: Beolab 5000 Type 5303


    Ok……one thing at a time.

    1. For some strange reason the internal wiring which connects the AUX signal DIN to the amp is wired differently to the TAPE input DIN, I found this out the hard way. Connect your signal to the phono plugs instead of the DIN connector for the AUX input and see if you then get sound to your speakers.
    2. The Hi and Lo s are latching switches that need to be pushed forwards to engage or disengage….these are used if your input needs to go through the pre amp stage or not…a low signal will need to (I think this is right…..). The + and – trim pots can be set by ear….they adjust the volume of each speaker to balance the sound.
    3. I will need more info for this question….and maybe some pics?