Reply To: Beosound 9000 auf Motor Stand BeoVision 7-32


    It’s not that crazy idea, floor stand for Beosound 9000 are quite expensive here in France, around 400€, when at the same time, some Beovision could go for around 150€ with a stand that looks like the same. I thought of that when I wanted one and asked me the same question. I barely remember another member wanted or tried this, mounting the Beosound horizontal on a BV stand. Having said that, different notes:

    • First the footprint is not the same, around 40 cm for a BV6 disc, 35 cm for a BS9000. It looks like small difference but when you have them on floor it looks odd, even more when the height will not be shorter, it makes the whole thing looks like smashed, less elegant.

    In this case I would try to take the rod from the Besound 9000 and would mount it on the motorised plate of the BV1. The diameter should be the same.

    • The floor stand for the BS9000 is not only a base and a pole, it’s a whole thing with more details than it seems and that make your Beosound looks neat from whenever you look at it, side, front, back, top. it has a plate on the back on the unit, all the grooves to hide all the wires, The top of the pole is beautifully beveled. It can even stand in the middle of the room and look clean from any side. A BV stand will need (unless you have special skills and you spend a lot of money) some tricks that will always look like tricks. Its not important when its about hanging any TV on a BV stand, but in that case, you miss the beauty of the thing.
    • All the electronics that allows the stand to turn after receiving orders from the remote is in the Beovision. No Beovision and you just have a stand with a dead motor and a wire with no use at all. Some members have worked hard to hack the system and I believe there is (was) a commercial solution somewhere sometime ago. But in the end it’s not an easy task and it will always require an additional box to be hidden behind the 9000.

    Here I would say  set up a BS9000 mount on a motorised Stand, next to a Beovision TV.

    Connect the cable form the motorised Beosound 9000 Stand to the near Beovision. And you habe the signal. It is just a very rude solution 🙂 

    • I can’t see the point of turning a BS9000 on his stand. Honestly, most of the time, I can’t see the point of turning a TV on his stand but it’s another talk. In the case of the Beosound 9000, having it standing in a room with it’s beautiful perfectly adapted stand while attract more sight, comments and respect that having it roughly adapted to a useless turning stand.

    I agree with you in all mentioned points. There is absolutely no sense behind to let the BS9000 rotate. But, sometimes while sit on the sofa, I can not read the clock of the BS 9000, therefore it would be helpful to rotate the BS9000 a bit more in a certain direction 🙂


    I allow myself to do all those comments you maybe don’t want to hear but it’s because I’ve been there before. I’ve chased for years a BS9000 floor stand and searched for any DIY alternative. I understand and would think about any DIY alternative for a wall mount or a table stand (actually it should be some plans for a very cheap but very effective table stand somewhere in the new-old forum), but for the floor stand, really my advice would be to do what I painfully did: wait for a bargain somewhere and jump on it when it come. With only one warning: if you buy one second hand, be sure to check all the pieces are there, especially the screws and the washers.

    I could get a second hand Beovison Stand for ca. 30 Bugs.

    But I have learned now, the wire connection are the biggest Problem to solve. And I will fail on this point.