Reply To: Beolab 5000 Type 5303

    • Denmark

    Yes of cause, now I get it 🙂
    Then I have three more questions:

    1. When I apply a line signal to TAPE I have sound in speakers, but when I apply the same line signal to either the TUNER or AUX there are no sound. I have tried to follow the schematic but it just a lot of switches – any idea?
    2. There are adjust knobs in the bottom and also High/Low switches – It is mentioned in the service manual but I can’t find how to adjust the knobs, is it just by ear? – any idea?
    3. I have low light in the bulbs and at test point BP I only measure 25,5V (60V is expected). I have tried to turn the potentiometer 457 but no change, it is steady at 25,5V. Before moving on I would to hear any ideas?