Reply To: Beosound 9000 auf Motor Stand BeoVision 7-32


    B&O has made many nice stands. Like for the BeoVision 1. Most of them will go to scrap with the old TVs now.

    Hi, I personally would not play with a Beovision 1 stand for a Beosound 9000. In the BV1 the stand the pole is centered to the floor disc making to much “overhang” (?) and making the whole thing unstable. I would stick with stand with the pole on the border.

    I would say the center point of the „rod“ of both stands are approximately on the same position. I would even try to dismantle the rod inkl. mounting plate  from the BS 9000 stand and would try to install it on the Beovision stand

    Lets say the mechanical par is feasible. I need support with the pin layout to connect both the BS9000 Stand with the actuator of the BV 7 Stand. Afterwards the Icon BS9000 can rotate.🥰

    For the cable wise connection we need to call Peter Pan, he is the man for connecting things to impossible things.

    Peter Pan, I know you are here, give you a sign!

    Below a picture of the BV Stand 7-32. Regarding the center point.


    Here below the stand for the BS9000F2C5234E-B124-4329-9FDD-FD5486BC870C