Reply To: Report Problems with the Site Here

    • Paris France

    Hi Keith “over the Atlantic”!

    Yes I posted two links this morning and I got an error.

    Thinking the error was because I didnt actually type any text and just add links, I posted it again with “Hi” and “Regards”. Sorry for the cleanup you needed to do.

    Now I’m trying to post an extensive post made of text and pictures about the foam replacement of Beolab 8000. Learned from the past and the post is saved in some local  text processing software so not a problem.

    If you can see the post and can allow it, right. If not and you have any clue of what I’m doing wrong, please tell me.

    Just this, what I get was a blank page like 404 error or timeout or something, I mean not an error message that looks like coming from the administration but more from the system.
    In the past we had a formatted message that told us “your post went into moderation…”
    But it was blue and laid out like it was a decision from the moderators. Not there and that was confusing.

    But it can wait until you land, go home, do your things and have time to sort this…

    Thank you Keith.