Reply To: Beomaster 6000 Type 2702 service manual



    As I recall I replaced the zener diode 2D9 and the problem pesisted, I then replaced the two diodes 2D10 and 2D8 and still had an issue, I put off replacing the zener diode 0D2 because it was difficult to get at….its hidden away off PCB2 and bracketed against the front end shield box PC1, eventually I had no choice but to do so….and that solved the problem, I cant remember if I replaced 2TR8 or not….the post will be somewhere in the archived forum 2012-2022 along with pictures if you care to try and track it down… may help, I would recommend changing 2TR8 seeing as your going to replace the diodes…….good luck I have had lots of fun with the 6000 type 2702 amps.