Reply To: New Halo firmware at last…. Version 1.5.930



    When using my BL90s in “Audio” mode i.e. attached via XLR to my Auralic system (i.e. not controlled by a Beovision), I use the “BeoEye” IR receiver and an Essence Remote in IR mode. It works but is a little clunky and insensitive to volume control.

    It will be interesting to see what the functionality of the Halo will be – whether it just uses IR or is true WiFi/BT control? Perhaps the more important aspect is the control of the BL90 being threshold triggered on/off by the Halo to enable instant switching from the Auralic to Beovision ecosystem?

    Further, if the BL90 is getting Wifi/BT control (no sign in the BL90 firmware yet), then does that extend to BR1 being updated?