Reply To: USB fan on avant 2014 mk1?


    If you PM me I’ll pass along Willie’s e-mail address, and you can ask him to post here, maybe?  Or if you have the stomach for it, review old BeoTalk casts at chipmunk-speed on YouTube (pre-#150), or maybe e-mail its host (also PM) to ask which one.

    What I recall was that Willie pulled the USB voltage off the interior of the connector to a fan on the case back or bottom, not board mounted — which would draw air past the offending video engine chip.  He wanted some brand fan (Noctua?), but had to go with something smaller (and/or thinner?) because the full sized one wouldn’t fit.  Then it was too loud, so he soldered in a couple resistors to tap the lower voltage.  Sorry I don’t have that TV so I didn’t really follow where exactly he mounted it.

    Or maybe you could join next Sunday’s BeoTalk chat and ask (or throw them a couple bucks of so-called “superchat”) and we can all listen to the details again.  Good luck!

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