Reply To: Worst Value for Money B&O Product?


    my vote goes to the beomaster5.

    basically a totally outdated pc. hooking this up to the local network or -much worse- to the internet in 2022 is insane, since windows xp didnt get any security updates since 2014. some enthusiasts are installing antivirus software on this thing, because they believe this would fix this. as an it-guy i can assure you: no, it doesnt. using it as standalone device is completly pointless. also, i dont understand why they put a custom proprietary bios on this thing. swapping the harddisk or the motherboard is a pain in the back this way. there is no reason for something like this, except enforcing you to visit a branddealer. the casing is an other story: it has some kind of rubbery layer on it. nearly impossible to find one in good condition these days, since the rubber doesnt age well. btw. what material is this? is it healthy to touch this after 20years, without instantly diying on cancer? maybe an exaggeration, but you get the point. then there is power consumption. A whole pc, just to listen to some music.

    its sad. the beosound5 which comes with it, is such a nice display-controller-unit.