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    What version do I have to look for to get N-Radio, N-Music ? Thank you all for the friendly support! Ruedi

    I have posted this picture before on the old forum but it’s worth re-posting here.


    Basically when looking for a Beo4 on auction sites you are advised to look at the buttons in the photos rather than the descriptions.  Any of the right hand three should give the functionality that you require – click on the photo to enlarge.

    If you can get the seller to check the SW version, then N.RADIO and N.MUSIC were added at SW4.2.  Prior to that you could access the same sources using PHONO (for N.RADIO) and A.TAPE2 (or SHIFT A.TAPE) for N.MUSIC, as the IR transmissions are the same.

    If you have SHIFT in your current Beo4’s LIST, then you could try SHIFT then RADIO to get A.AUX.  I have a list of other ‘SHIFT’ shortcuts if you need them.

    You also need to be aware that earlier SW versions of BL3500 do not accept A.AUX, N.RADIO or N.MUSIC.  I will try to find a thread to link that explains the problem.

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