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We have a wall of B&O gear in the office and the single most over-looked (in my opinion) is the A9. Positively nuclear sound power (yes there really is an 8″ woofer packed in there). I work in an office loaded with speaker geeks and I’m the only one who has bothered to plug it in. Astonishing sound from a super lean device and incredibly simple but elegant design.

BeoSound Shape is also a chart topper in the “Most Underrated B&O product category”. No one knows it exists unless they used to be engineers in the development process it seems. The shame is it actually hides one of the most high-tech amplifier developments I know of and is generally packed with really innovative engineering.

But back to the question… BeoLit 15 (yes, I know its old now) but you know what I mean. It’s just the right size to be enough for 99% of music needs outside of the living room/house. Oh and the sound is epic.

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