Reply To: Where do you see B&O in 5-10 years?


    The point I was making about watches and luxury goods in general is that there is plenty of cash about – even refurbished turntables at £10k fly off the shelves!
    Whether buyers are foolish speculators . . . who knows . . . but that’s not really my concern in this thread.
    It’s a basic truism that the biggest fans of anything tend also to be their harshest critics ( fings are never what they used to be!) and there are certainly severe challenges in most consumer markets but this challenge is simple if not entirely easy.
    Give the market, who have the means to buy B&O, great design and great sound wrapped into todays and tomorrow’s incoming tide of technology.

    The people I know who spend a lot of money on B&O also spend a lot on other audio equipment outside of the B&O range. This is low-hanging fruit!

    Take a well-appointed streamer such as the Hi-fi Rose. Not overly expensive and certainly not a good looker by any means but it’s made for attaching speakers to so today’s systems can keep on growing and updating.

    Actually, all it is is an Android phone inside a large case with more connections and better quality components than a phone. Most of the features that are needed to be relevant in the audio market today are already available.

    There are opportunities to be taken and my opinion is that I don’t believe it will be a lack of spending in the luxury end of the market that will hold B&O back.

    If the positive signs from the company continue I believe my optimism will be justified.

    Fingers’ crossed 🤞



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