Reply To: Connect Mac Mini via network to Beolab 28s


    Hello perhaps I do not understand your “problem” but I think it is really easy. I assume your recorded CD’s are in your iTunes account. In this case you can just connect your iTunes account with the B&O app. In case you have the CD’s not in your iTunes account, just install a DLNA server (like plex). Now you can add this DLNA server in your B&O app. Both solutions work like a charm on by Beosound 28 (an other B&O sound systems)

    Thought Police is using Audirvana.
    Audirvana is in itself a Music server already.
    But despite my calls to try to use Audirvana as a DLNA streamer and the Audirvana app as DLNA controller, he seams to get stuck in his own thoughts that he must Airplay to the BL28.

    note: my reply to his post from April 5, 2022 at 8:39 pm has never appeared on the forum (to his excuse)

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