Reply To: Where do you see B&O in 5-10 years?


    Well, I must be the only optimist around 😊

    First look at the global luxury market. Just try to buy a Rolex, Patek or Vacheron. The stores are empty and that’s not a lack of computer chips or shipping costs.
    No. The luxury market is not suffering – whatever may happen to average consumer spending – and B&O has never been a market for the average hi-fi consumer.

    What is vital is that  the brand’s legacy of a combination of great design and sound is given even greater emphasis because most of us were recruited – like all great brands – on the basis of aspiration.
    The other vital aspect is that the product range be relevant to the way the market is going and, indeed, demanding for success.
    Does it make sense for my additional audio spending on a very expensive streamer to not be with B&O?
    Does it make sense for my son to not have a B&O base product that will stream to his headphones, add streaming music services and allow him to add speakers as he settles to a more home-based lifestyle?

    This is the other area that really needs attention.

    So, why the optimism?

    B&O have great brand values and a loyal ( if somewhat grumpy ) user base which is a hell of a lot more than many competitors but I have seen evidence over the last year or so that things are changing

    I hope I am right 😉