Reply To: Physically SEEING new Bang & Olufsen products


    I wouldn’t buy a B&O product that is new to me without seeing/hearing it in the flesh and depending on the product I would be willing to drive up to certain distance to be able to see it in the flesh.

    Personally I have never been a fan of the “buy it testwise and send back/refund” if I don’t like it game for any type of product and until now I am lucky enough to have a shop within acceptable distance, some other ways to test it (for example if friends have it) or to find an alternative.
    Even for products that I know (B&O and other brands) I try to avoid having them sent/shipped to me, but I know that it is not always possible. Now I could say “that is my way to reduce my carbon footprint”, but the truth is, I simply prefer to buy local than having to go to the post office multiple times to pick a parcel up and bring it back there if I want to send it back.