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[Pardon me for interjecting, kindly ignore if I got this wrong…] Your suggestion is helpful @BeoFrederic, but… ¡¡¡Noooo!!!  (Please, please no.;-)  The very idea of switching over to a VNC app in order to choose an item out of a list in the Mac UI, then switch back to the Audirvana app (Audirvana Remote?), is completely off-putting — and iTunes (now doesn’t need it.  If it were needed, that pretty much disqualifies Audirvana for casual multi-room use.  At that point one might as well stay in the VNC app and just drive the Mac Audirvana directly.  (Spoken as someone who has done just that with Windows iTunes and Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection.  Too 20th-century, to my eternal shame and horror but it was so cool in the day, viz🙂IMG_0041



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