Reply To: Connect Mac Mini via network to Beolab 28s

Thought Police

    I’m replying now to my own earlier comment because as an update I’m going to be buying myself a new MacBook Pro very soon, probably this week actually.

    Anyway an advantage with having a MacBook Pro as well as my Mac Mini is that the laptop can be in my living room and so I can control Audirvana there, where the Beolab 28s would be situated.

    So, I can then use Audirvana as the source for the music.

    I am planning on using AirPlay 2, however I’m also interested to know about connecting to the Beolab 28s directly with my MacBook Pro, this would be digitally of course. I see they have an optical input, could that be connected directly to the Mac? There are two USB ports but in the manual I’m looking at those are identified as being “for service”.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions for connecting the Mac directly? Thank you!