Reply To: Any suggestions for a B&O system with CD up to £1000?

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    Konrad, what follows is my opinion only.  There are others.

    I think you’re on the right track.  A CD player in Beosound 2500/4000/3000 family will get you good value for the money.  Newer is better.

    As for speakers, all of these device support Powerlink powered speakers, so your pocketbook is your limit.  If you can swing a pair of 8000s, you won’t regret it.  If they can’t be had, look at the Beolab 4000s — again, tremendous value for the money.  Highly regarded for their size, though they lack deep bass pressure, of course.  Do your research on all this generation of Beolabs, as they can have problems with the dreaded foam rot.

    I have owned a BS4000, and currently own BL 4000, 6000, and 8000.

    ps: I also listen to Dvorak and Sufjan Stevens 🙂