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    Thank you Steve. My only purpose for the BS9000 would be the function of the CD player. The ( FM ) radio function will be shortly as good as useless because everything is/will be replaced by DAB.

    So I wonder which other functions can I expect from a BS9000 ?

    ( forgive my ignorance, I am a newbee in the B&O universe …)

    But after a good talk with the local AD, the dream of a Beolab 28 pair is more and more growing …

    My wife doesn’t want a huge amplifier anymore, nor thick cables in the house. The Beolab 28 had it all: integrated amplifier and subwoofer.

    So my CD’s via the BS9000, music via Spotify, Tidal or Deezer, and internet radio?
    Sounds good imho.

    Now the second problem is to persuade my wife for these speakers;)

    But hey…that takes only a little time and much charm 😉

    The price of the Beolab 28 is rather high, but no need for an amplifier and no need for an extra sub.